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B. 1994

Lives in Philadelphia / Harrisburg, PA

  The garden is a sacred place for me, where generations of my family have left behind a piece of themselves. I create a world through painting and drawing that is constantly evolving, that accentuates the mystery and majesty of nature - it is my own, otherworldly garden. Here I am the cultivator. By doing so, I am trying to slow down time, and hold onto the passing moment, be it a day, a season or a gesture made in the land. The garden I am constructing is built from memories and daily moments spent tending and interacting with the earth. I want to investigate what happens underneath the soil, and above it, and lose myself in the reverie that is evoked as I paint. The earth shimmers and the plants grow large and monumental, and the spirits of soil intermingle with sky and earth. The plants are undying and the land remains relatively untouched. My garden paradise has no boundaries or limitations. 

   Samantha Sanders was born in 1994 in Grantville, Pennsylvania. Sanders attended Pennsylvania College of Art and Design, where she graduated in 2016 with a BFA in Fine Arts. She currently attends the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, where she will attain her MFA in Fine Arts in May 2018. She has exhibited work throughout central Pennsylvania, such as Sunshine Art and Design Gallery, the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, FMC Tower Corporation and the Stella Elkins Gallery at Temple University. She was a Visiting Artist Coordinator at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, where she hosted dynamic artists that lectured and gave critiques to the student body on a bi-weekly basis. This past September she completed an 18’x50’ ft collaborative ceiling mural for Sprocket Mural Works located in Harrisburg, PA. Sanders recently was the April Cover Artist for The Burg Magazine.  

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